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For every order of magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones* you are eligible for a free magickal talisman from the Ilmu Hikmah Islamic occult tradition. These talisman have been magickally processed through strenuous rituals involving fasting, chanting, prayers, attunement with divine forces, energy transference, etc. These talismans are strips of metal plates with magickal inscriptions etched upon them--they are the carriers of the magickal powers conferred upon them through the ritualistic work of Islamic adepts. The virtues of these talismans:
  • The talisman builds a force of psychic defence around the user. It protects and makes the user invulnerable against negative energies, aggressors, sharp weapons, black magick, psychic attacks, slander, negative entities, disease, psychological/psychic disturbances, etc. With the power within the talisman the user acquires divine protection.

  • The talisman helps one to overcome fear, sluggishness, nervousness, chronic headaches, insanity, etc.

  • The power helps the user to acquire sympathy from others; helps one to undergo job interviews successfully; luck; business success; prosperity, etc.

Just carry the item in your pocket, wallet, purse, etc. For power maintenance of the item and to attune one with spiritual forces chant routinely the following while holding the talisman:

"Bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim." 3x
"Ya Allah" 21x
"Allahumma sholli alaa sayyidinna Muhammad wa allaa ali sayyidinaa Muhammad."

The user/keeper of the talisman should donate regularly to charity as this would please the khodam (spirit intelligence) of the talisman. The user should also have faith in God's power permeating the talisman, and faith that the power functions automatically when needed.

These talismans are not offered anywhere else, not even at our sister site indotalisman.com. Please note that these talismans are truly empowered and are not empty shells devoid of power--the latter may be found in traditional markets and sold cheaply. These talismans that we offer as a bonus have been empowered in rituals by spiritual adepts of the al-hikmah occult tradition and requiring many hours of work. These talismans are worth US$100 or more. Do not miss this opportunity! Be sure to request your free bonus as you place your order--only one talisman/order. Applicable for orders worth US$250 or more.

*While stock lasts!


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