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We represent one of the largest and oldest online dealer of bezoar-mustika pearls with about 7 years involvement in the business and have a clientele in many parts of the world. Our local sources and associates have been engaged in this bezoar stones-magickal pearl commerce for a greater length of time and are highly experienced in pearl-acquisition work through shamanic methods. Our business operation is based physically in Indonesia though we do not maintain any store open for the public. This site is a development and a growth of our sister site, www.indotalisman.com, where we offer magickal items (such as talismans, amulets, charms, knowledgepapers, genies/jinns, kerises) based on Indonesian and Islamic occultism. The recent surge of interest and demand for bezoar stones/mustika pearls have triggered a greater search on the part of our associates and ourselves to acquire these pearls from Nature and by networking with other shamans; our collection of mustika pearls is therefore extensive and we carry a wide range of these natural stones derived from the remains of animals, plants and those created out of the natural events and anomalies of nature. The director/administrator of this site has been involved in the field of practical metaphysics, occultism, and esotericism for over 26 years. We consider ourselves a pioneer of this bezoar-stone/mustika pearl business online via the internet and look forward to instilling an appreciation of these pearls in others and educating the public as a whole of the pearl's intrinsic esoteric value that benefits positively all those that would be their keeper. We are the supplier of these mustika pearls and bezoar stones to quite a number of other dealers and resellers.


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