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Girang Tree Pearls

R=Second Ray, C=Anahata, P=Jupiter, E=Spirit, S=Binah, R=Mannaz, Z=Sagittarius/Pisces, T=Universe, W=Dewa Ruci, A=Jophiel, G=God, AO=Angels

Fossilized Girang Tree Root
Common English/Latin Name not known
The root is valued for its healing properties.

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6
No.7 No.8 No.9 No.10 No.11 No.12
No.13 No.14 No.15--Sold! No.16 No.17 No.18
No.19 No.20 No.21

Price: US$400
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Attracts luck; improves business and social life; wards-off negative energies/forces, healing; magickal-force; protection; charisma.

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