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Ch'i-lin Pearls

R=Sixth Ray, C=Anahata, P=Venus, E=Spirit, S=Chesed, R=Wunjo, Z=Taurus/Libra, T=Magician, W=Semar, A=Uriel, G=Goddess, AO=Cherubim

"Ch'i-lin" or "Kilin" Pearl

The Ch'i-lin is a composite creature in Chinese mythology and is one of the four mythical animals of China, the others being the dragon, the phoenix and the tortoise. It is supposed to have a dragon's head, a body of a musk deer and hoofs of a horse. Some identify it as the unicorn. Like the dragon, the Ch'i-lin is an etheric creature manifesting physically on occasions. The pearls of the Ch'i-lin shown at left comes from Java. The round one (spheroid) is from the female, the egg/oval-shaped from the male. The ones in the photo are samples--pearls from the male are all sold. Only 2 more of the female are available.

All Sold!

Attracts luck; improves business and social life; wards-off negative energies and spirits; personal charm and magnetism; healing; longevity; mystical and occult power.

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