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As an extra service we are able to have any mustika pearl/bezoar stone empowered/consecrated so that it will function optimally and benefit its keeper in greater ways--this empowerment and consecration would remove any lingering psychic debris that pearls may have picked up along the way, including the influence of negative astrological configurations at the time of the acquisition of the pearl directly from Nature and the psychic dirt of the many handlers of the pearls. We will also link and bind the spiritual essences and energies of the animal totem/archetypes with the associated animal pearl requested. Plant/Tree/Flower pearls will be linked with energies of the deva forces/intelligences governing the plant kingdom. Other pearls will be empowered with the forces related to its element or archetypal energies. All pearls will likewise be empowered with cosmic energies that can only be accessed through the attunement with Divine forces--this would result in them being blessed. Please note that this is quality work that we will be doing on your behalf and the magickal formulas for conducting this empowerment comes from the Javanese shamanic tradition (which the spiritual intelligences of the pearls having their origin in Indonesia are very much in sympathy and accord with) and the application of the metaphysical occult principles of the Ancient Wisdom. For this spiritual work and occult service we request a love-offering donation of $75/pearl Buy Now From CCNow. This amount is to compensate for ritualistic materials, our time, energy, knowledge/skill, etc.


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