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Cloud Pearls

R=Fourth Ray, C=Sahasrara, P=Jupiter, E=Spirit, S=Binah, R=Fehu, Z=Sagittarius/Pisces, T=Temperance, W=Batara Narada, A=Gabriel, G=Goddess, AO=Angels

"Cloud" Pearl
Just a few available--all are quite large with "ridges" like the thread of a bolt! Rare and exquisite!

These pearls are from the island of Sumbawa, lying somewhere to the East of Java. According to the legend, several centuries ago there was a master martial-artist living in Sumbawa who was active as a self-defence instructor--some say he was from China. Well, one day he demonstrated his proficiency in "Tenaga Dalam" (Chi/Nei Kung) by gathering a cloud/mist over a certain area. The mist whirled, condensed, and then seemingly disappeared into the ground. Years later, the area where the event took place was dug and the pearls were discovered. The natives attributed their existence to the cloud that the adept conjured. They were preserved for generations by the family that discovered them.


About Cloud Pearls from the Garuda Purana
"Cloud pearls, being naturally effulgent like the sun, illuminate the sky in all directions and dispel the darkness of cloudy days [there are probably various types of cloud pearls--Luxamore]. Glowing brighter than the combined light of the moon, the twinkling stars, and fire, a cloud-born pearl dissipates even the darkest night exactly like the sunrise. A cloud pearl is so priceless that the entire earth, with her oceans filled with countless jewels and covered in layers of gold, would not be equal in value. Cloud pearls rarely reach this earthly world, because they are usually taken away by the demigods.

"Even a low born man would become supreme ruler of the entire world if, as result of some past pious actions, he were to come into possession of such a pearl. The appearance of such a man on earth who obtained a cloud pearl during his lifetime would bring good fortune not only to himself, but to the entire human race as well. No form of evil could even touch the land within an 8,000 mile radius of his birthplace."

By Richard S. Brown, Gemologist (G.I.A.)

Price: US$1500 each

Attracts luck; improves sales and social life; charisma; personal magnetism; mystical development; wards-off negative energies; healing; blessings; source of power for magickal rites and ceremonies.

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